Oakley's Neighbourhood Development Plan

Oakley's Neighbourhood Development Plan

Committee Members

  • Pat Olney (Chair)
  • Gerry Sansom
  • Michael Frampton
  • Jane Walker
  • Tony Atkinson
  • Adrian Randall
  • Jette Randall
  • Nicholas Saunders
  • Rob Musgrave
  • Michael Carr
  • Paul Leinster

Oakley Neighbourhood Development Plan

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To protect the village community & the landscape within which it sits.

The Parish Council has registered with the Borough Council to produce its own Neighbourhood Plan and has set up a sub-group consisting of Parish Councillors and interested residents. The sub-group will develop the Neighbourhood Plan over the next 2 years.

Latest News: 

The Oakley Neighbourhood Development Plan Group have nearly completed the plan. They have devised policies based on how you wished to see the village by 2035. The Group then engaged a consultant to change these into “planning speak”.

The policies cover:

Overall Growth which states that you would like a growth of between 20-50 dwellings up to 2035.The Bedford Borough Local Plan 2035 has just been published for consultation and it states that Oakley should have a growth of between 25-50 dwellings. We conform to the plan. 

Housing: ONPHG1 Housing Growth in Oakley; ONPHG2 Housing Mix in Oakley.

Business and Employment: ONPBE1 Business; ONPBE2 Retail and Community Facilities; ONPBE3 Public House; ONPBE4 Broadband Connectivity.

Landscape: ONPLE1 Sensitive Landscapes; ONPLE2 Local Green Spaces; ONPLE3 Coalescence with neighbouring Villages.

Design and Heritage: ONPDH1 Design; ONPDH2 Local Character; ONDPLE3 Local Heritage.

Transport: ONPTR1 Balanced Transport Provision.

In addition, the consultants have carried out an Audit of possible development sites that have been submitted under the “Call for Sites” process, and have shown to be appropriate for further assessment, following initial assessment carried out by Bedford Borough Council. At the same time the audit included a review of possible additional green spaces.  The Audit results with the Oakley policies will determine possible development sites to ensure we have a growth of between 20-50 houses up to 2035.   

The Parish Council will make the final decision on where the growth should go based on the results as above and on your preferences as detailed in the consultations undertaken with you. The draft plan will then go out for consultation to give everyone a final opportunity to comment before the final plan is produced and submitted to Bedford Borough Council. 

Bedford Borough Local Plan - If you would like to read the proposed Bedford Borough Local Plan 2035 in more detail, then go to www.bedford.gov.uk/localplan2035

Further updates will appear here and in the Oakley Newsletter.

Policy Areas

It is proposed that Oakley’s NDP will have 6 policy areas:

  • Overall Growth
  • Housing
  • Business and Employment
  • Landscape
  • Design and Heritage
  • Transport

A field on Station Road that is cited for development

Oakley Neighbourhood Development Plan Reports

Oakley Neighbourhood Development Plan

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ONDP Housing Needs Survey report 2016 - Completed by Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity:

ONDP Oakley Road Study 2016 - Completed by J A C Edwards MA CEng FICE

Consultant - Urban Vision reports

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