Oakley's Neighbourhood Development Plan

Oakley's Neighbourhood Development Plan

Committee Members

  • Pat Olney (Chair)
  • Gerry Sansom
  • Michael Frampton
  • Jane Walker
  • Tony Atkinson
  • Adrian Randall
  • Jette Randall
  • Nicholas Saunders
  • Rob Musgrave
  • Michael Carr
  • Paul Leinster

Oakley Neighbourhood Development Plan



To protect and improve the village community and the landscape within which it sits.

The Parish Council has registered with the Borough Council to produce its own Neighbourhood Plan and has set up a sub-group consisting of Parish Councillors and interested residents. The sub-group will develop the Neighbourhood Plan based on responses to questionnaires received from residents, other people who have a stake in the village and technical evaluations. It has to meet guidelines set down by national government and conform to Borough-wide policies.
The final consultation on the draft Neighbourhood Plan took place between 19th September and 31st October 2018. 

Latest News


Correspondence with Examiner

Oakley NDP Response to Examiner

Download the poster for Reg 16 Oakley consultation Here

The independent examination commenced on 15 August 2019. The initial letter from the independent examiner is available to view below:

Examiner's procedural letter

The plan has been submitted to the Borough Council, who will check that the proper legal process, such as the neighbourhood area being designated, the legal requirements for consultation and that the publicity have been followed.
The Borough Council will, if the above has been followed;

  • Publicise the plan for a six - week period. Following the publicity period, any representations made will be passed to the independent examiner. This means that they will only be considered within the remit of the independent examination (i.e. whether the neighbourhood plan proposal meets the basic conditions and other requirements set out by law).
  • Submit to the inspector for an independent examination.
  • Review the examination results, and if appropriate request adjustments to the plan.
  • Organise a referendum.
  • Confirm the outcome of the referendum and the plan status.

Further updates will appear here and in the Village Newsletter.


Policy Areas

It is proposed that Oakley’s NDP will have 6 policy areas:

  • Overall Growth
  • Housing
  • Business and Employment
  • Landscape
  • Design and Heritage
  • Transport

A field on Station Road that is cited for development

Explanation of Oakley Housing Allocation

  • The government has said through the National Planning Policy Framework that all Local Plans must contain housing growth.
  • All Neighbourhood Plans also need to show growth if required by the Local Authority in our case, Bedford Borough.
  • If there is not an up to date Local Plan all growth is uncontrolled and any landowner and developer can submit plans and if turned down, they can appeal and at appeal permission.
  • The Borough Local Plan comes to an end in 2021 and therefore there is a need for a new one. The Borough is at present going through the process of producing a plan from 2021 to 2035.
  • The Borough through this process had a consultant assess housing need in the Borough.
  • The Borough then looked to the urban and rural area for where growth should be sited with the largest amount in the urban area, the rest in the villages.
  • Oakley was designated a category 2 village and was allocated between 25-50 houses.
  • Oakley had already started its Neighbourhood Plan so that the village could manage any growth proposed for the village.
  • At consultation events residents supported the need for more housing in Oakley. The preference was between 20-50 dwellings.
  • Residents also showed a preference for small developments (10-/+) rather than one big one.
  • At consultation all residents were concerned about traffic and resources, as no development site is free of these issues.
  • Oakley Parish Council commissioned a housing survey which stated there was a need for approximately 40 houses.
  • All the sites put forward by developers/landowners were audited by a consultant commissioned by the Parish Council, and those results set against the Village Road Assessment and our policies.
  • There were two possible sites that met the criteria.

The Parish Council and the Neighbourhood Development Plan Group when considering all these issues have selected these two sites, one of 20 houses and one of 30 houses to have the least impact on Oakley as a whole.

The two sites still need planning permission, must comply with the Neighbourhood Plan, the Borough Local Plan and the Government National Planning Framework and address such issues as drainage, highways, landscaping etc.

The Parish Council and the Neighbourhood Development Plan Group have, by making a balanced assessment of the sites always recognised the impact on individual residents. Their judgement was based on what the residents told us, the planning system from government, the impact on individual residents and the impact on the whole village. If we do not as a village manage the growth, then growth will still be imposed on us but we will have no influence over where it is located or what it looks like, this will be decided by the Borough Council.

Developer Plans for Proposed Sites

 Site layouts are indicative only and that type, size, etc of dwellings has not yet been determined

Oakley Neighbourhood Development Plan Reports

Oakley Neighbourhood Development Plan

Download SUBMITTED from here


ONDP Housing Needs Survey report 2016 - Completed by Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity:

ONDP Oakley Road Study 2016 - Completed by J A C Edwards MA CEng FICE

Consultant - Urban Vision reports

Oakley Neighbourhood Plan Local Green Space assessment February 2018 – Completed by consultants Urban Vision - LGS report 2018

Oakley Neighbourhood Plan Site Assessments report – Completed by consultants Urban Vision - UVE Oakley site assessments report

Other reports

Supporting Reports

Oakley Neighbourhood Plan Proposed Development Sites Assessment – Completed by Oakley Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group – ONDP Proposed Development Sites (sept18).docx

Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) – Completed by Dr.P.D.Carey, Bodsey Ecology Limited – Habitat Regulations Assessment for Oakley Neighbourhood Plan (002).pdf

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) – Completed by Oakley Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group on behalf of Oakley Parish Council – Oakley NP SEA screening (Feb 2019) v1.2

Oakley NP Basic Conditions Statement March 2019 – Completed by consultants Urban Vision - Oakley NP Basic Conditions Statement March 2019 v1.1.pdf

Oakley Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Statement – Completed by Oakley Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group – Oakley Neighourhood Plan Consultation Statement v1.1.pdf

Following concerns about site 171 (opposite the Bedford Arms) which were raised in the consultation last October, the NDP Group discussed further with the landowner.  As a result the number of houses has been reduced to a maximum of ten, of which some will be single-story and the amount of green space has been increased.  An indicative plan is above.