What can you find at Lynch Furlong in June?

Explore Linch Furlong

Date Published: 22/06/2022


Dead Nettle

Dotted around various places especially near the edges of Lynch Furlong these do not have a sting. Thankfully nature put a flower on them so we can tell them apart from their more dangerous cousins. 


Field Garlic

We found lots of this under the trees down near the river. 



This was a particularly good year for cowslips and in April and the early part of May they were all over the furlong, especially on the east side of the main field below the Y shaped bench. 


Salad Burnett

Salad Burnett was also common on the field mixed in with the cowslips. The Flower heads were just coming up as we visited.


Hoary Plantain

The hoary plantain is rather humble at this time of year but in a few weeks it will produce a flower spike from its centre. We found lots of them near the Y shaped bench and in lots of other places on the furlong.


Wayfairing Tree

We found this tree just outside the furlong by the eastern entrance near where there are a couple of parking spaces on Willow Vale. It is easier to spot at this time of year when its flowers are out or in autumn when it has poisonous red and black berries.


Germander Speedwell

If you look carefully you can spot the tiny blue flowers of Germander Speedwell around you while you sit on the Y shaped bench. Its a low creeping plant that will be mixed in with the grass under your feet.