Bedford Borough Council Online Services

Bedford Borough Council have many online options for local residents

Date Published: 26/02/2020

Bedford Borough Council is making it much easier for local residents to save time by offering lots more online options on their website. 

All the council’s online options are displayed in the ‘Save time, do it online’ section on the website and there’s plenty to choose from:

Maybe you need to:

  • pay for a council service
  • book a council sports pitch
  • apply for a school place 
  • check your bin day, or
  • tell the Council about a problem in your area like graffiti, fly-tipping or littering, or a pothole on your street or a cracked or missing pavement slab.


You can now do all of these things, and many more, online. 


Lots of us are already doing our shopping and banking online, and these new self-serve options will mean that residents can do lots more online, at a time to suit them. The services are designed to be easy to use on phones and tablets as well as laptops and PCs.


The new online systems also mean that reports and requests from residents are sent straight to front line teams who have been equipped with mobile devices. This means they can pick up and deal with new jobs straight away, making the process quicker and more efficient. 


The Council is committed to making services easy to access and has worked hard to make its online services easy to use. Support for those who need help to get online will continue to be available from the council’s Customer Services centre.