Upcoming Police Surgeries

Published on: 30/01/20

Upcoming Police Surgeries 

5th Sharnbrook, St Peter’s Close, 3-4pm

8th Clapham, High Street, 10-11am

8th Wixams Garden Centre, 12am-2pm

11th Keysoe, Keysoe Row West, 3-4pm

15th Willington, Frosts Garden Centre, 10am-12pm

16th Roxton Garden Centre, 11am-1pm

20th Kempston Rural, Church End, 10-11am

22nd Milton Ernest Garden Centre, 11am-1pm

27th Harrold, The Green, 3-4pm


The BedsAlert system is a two way messaging system which provides information about areas of policing and crime prevention and enables residents to engage with the police. The link to the site is www.bedsalert.co.uk

The consultation on SurveyMonkey lets residents have their say on local priorities, to give the police a greater understanding of the wider community’s concerns. The link is www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/BedsPoliceHaveYourSay