Join Oakley's Speed Watch Scheme

Oakley Parish Council is seeking volunteers to assist with the speed watch scheme

Published on: 10/04/17

Residents have told the Council that speeding is still a problem in roads not covered by the cameras.  We are therefore trying to set up a Speed Watch Scheme in the village.  The main aim is to promote road safety and educate rather than prosecute. 

Volunteers are needed to carry out the speed checks and a group would be made up of at least two trained operators.  Volunteers attend a course with the Police consisting of two modules lasting two hours and covering the equipment, conflict resolution and possibly first aid.  The Police provide the equipment which is shared with several Speed Watch groups and must be informed when a speed check is taking place.  Volunteers record details of any vehicle exceeding the speed limit and the results are forwarded to the Police.  The registered keeper of the vehicle is then sent a letter informing them that the vehicle was detected exceeding the speed limit and giving the location, date and time.  Persistent speeders receive a second letter and on the third occasion can expect further action to be taken by the Police.  One check a week would be reasonable to begin with so at least eight to ten volunteers would be needed.  A scheme can only work if there are sufficient volunteers and if you are interested in taking part please contact the Clerk, Ann Paice at parishclerk(at)

The Parish Council are happy for not for profit organisations to advertise for volunteers.