Oakley Village

Lovell Homes

Oakley's picturesque retirement homes

The Lovell Homes are a memorial to Sydney Lovell who died aged 13 in 1891. After their death, his parents left provision in their wills for a memorial of him.  However, the intervention of the First World War and the time needed to find a suitable site delayed construction until 1926.  Today they are an attractive part of Oakley, modernised and set in large well kept grounds.

Originally intended for retired agricultural labourers, eligibility has recently been broadened.  Briefly, if you are over 60, capable of independent living and currently live in certain parts of North Bedfordshire you may be able to apply.  If you are interested, please write asking for details to:

                   The Clerk,

                   The Lovell Trust,

                   15 Lovell Homes,


                   Bedfordshire MK43 7RY